Why women make the world go round

Drinks, fast cars and loud music. That’s basically what life is for those who are young and want to be young forever. People who always stick to the motto you only live once. They like to sleep all day and party all night, carefree and in search of the adventure. This kind of life ultimately needs the icing on the cake, sexy ladies.

hot girlMoney makes the world go round, most definitely. However, women make it go faster and when they are sexy ladies the speed is exhilarating. No party, rave, or speed racing is complete without women. Men go all out of their way to keep the ladies impressed and excited. In any given party, knowingly or unknowingly, women call the shots and men abide. This lifestyle, does not come cheap.

Having a sexy lady on your side simply means you are a man of means. Pretty ladies always want to outshine each other. The allure of the high life, posh restaurants, and shiny gold and silver ornaments pulls them closer and closer. The lifestyle of the rich and famous is all that a woman craves. This life is so addictive and they get so into it, they forget the meaning of the word cheap.

Well and truly no man wants to be seen as cheap and broke. But, every man wants to be flanked by a bevy of sexy ladies. This conundrum needs a balance to be struck. Rich and powerful men find it easy to exert their will. Average men go the extra mile to earn the extra coin. Women always do all it takes to outshine each other. Everybody works hard so as to play hard. Life on the fast lane is not cheap and is not easier. Sexy ladies spin the money and the money spins the world.