The best good night text messages for him or her

Ahundred years ago, we sent letters to our lovers, anxiously waiting to have a new encounter. Decades ago, we left loving messages on answering machines, hoping that the person we were crazy about was still just as crazy about us. However, in recent years, expressing how we feel is not just a verbal challenge, but also a thumbs-up game.

Like it or not, texting is a new form of communication between couples, especially when sitting next to each other, Netflix, or relaxing. It is evident that smartphones have changed our lives in various aspects, some to improve it, and others to make us live in continuous tension, although we continue to think, what are the disadvantages more than the benefits.

As dating expert Chris Vitale says, and continues.

We could say that we are facing a highly addictive behaviour. Texting now dominates the way we talk to each other and he explains:

The best good night text messages for him or herSince many feelings can get lost in reading them, distort conversations, or simply misinterpret them, if you are having a serious conversation, you want to make sure you meet face-to-face or call your partner so you don’t create misunderstandings. However, as a way to foster intimacy and build trust in your relationship, a good night text message can be very comforting and a way to create security and reassurance between the two of you.

Texting now dominates the way we talk to each other. Taking all this into account, as we explained in another article, what happened to the tête-à-tête?, sending text messages is essential for modern relationships, as long as we do not exaggerate or abuse them, and most importantly, when you have to deal with complex or serious topics, better pick up the phone or even something more personal, have a date and Explain your thoughts to your partner face-to-face. He will thank you, since the proverb is not wrong: the face is the mirror of the soul

If you’re not sure what to say, or even more so, how to say it, here’s an expert recommended way to tell that girl or boy you’re in love with to have happy dreams.

Here are some samples of how to send a WhatsApp to your partner:

«I appreciate and value very much how you are»

Even outside of romantic connections, it is essential to know that someone is grateful for the way you contribute to their life. Human beings need to feel accepted and appreciated by their partners in order to have a satisfactory relationship. If we feel that their gestures go unnoticed or taken for granted, we will shut up and not express our true selves. Nothing will end better one day than recognizing something good or useful to your romantic partner.

“By your side I feel good, I love spending as much time with you as possible and making the most of every day”

There’s something different about that girl you’re dating, and even if you can’t put it into words yet, you love how much she’s teaching and encouraging you to be a better version of yourself. When you let him know how he’s impacting you, he’s sure to get your heart pounding before bed. Having someone, especially a partner, declare respect and admiration, even with a text message, will ensure empowerment and maintain a strong relationship.

Conversation topics to conquer your partner

We know how difficult it is to break the ice when you are meeting someone. But it is even more difficult to find the right topics to attract their attention and that they do not want to miss a single of your words. And, if you bring up a topic at the right time and place, you may be able to reach the heart of your partner.

When we have the person we like in front of us, it is normal that we get nervous, we block ourselves and we do not know how to articulate a word. Take it easy! From Zhazz we are going to give you some conversation topics with which you will not spend any “land swallow me” on your dates. There they go!

First of all, we must highlight the importance of non-verbal language, the one that is just as important even without saying a word with your partner. Here you will be able to know what your gestures and those of your companion say about you.

What are the topics of conversation to conquer your partner?

And now, the talking points that will always work. You will see that from these more general topics, you will begin to talk about more concrete experiences, and thus one thing will lead to another.Conversation topics to conquer your partner

  • Travel: who has not travelled? You can share places you visited, which one you liked the most, where you ate best, when you went. Surely one thing leads to another and you end up traveling the world from where you are sitting.
  • Vacations: when do you usually take vacations, what do you like to do during your free time, if you are more on the beach or in the mountains. Here, too, the possibilities of lengthening the conversation without there being blank spaces in between are endless.
  • Gastronomy: what are your favourite dishes, what restaurants do you usually go to, your specialty in the kitchen. Food is a very broad topic that will allow you to add a little flavour to the conversation.
  • Hobbies and passions: tell your partner more about your tastes, what you like to do in your free time, and let him / her also let you know. It is possible that you share certain hobbies or passions and we are sure that from there other topics of conversation will also emerge.

We are also going to recommend those topics that you should not bring up if you want to conquer someone, at least on the first dates when you still do not know the other person completely:

  • Politics: avoid commenting on the party you are, who you follow or what is your opinion about it. It is possible that you have opposing opinions and that does not finish convincing your partner, or you begin to argue about a subject in which you think differently and you cannot get out of there.
  • Religion: the same as politics. If one is a believer and the other is not, if you are of different religions. It is better to know when you are a bit more hooked. It is not necessary to know this aspect to conquer someone.
  • Death: nobody likes to talk about death, especially on a first date. It is a negative issue that makes people sad, especially if they have experienced a recent death. Try to avoid it, unless your partner wants to share some lived experience with you.

And if you are still lacking in imagination, here are some more specific and fun questions. From here surely there will also be more topics to talk about and from the answers you give you will get to know each other a little more:

  • What has been your best work? And the worst?
  • You love animals? Are you more of a dog or a cat?
  • Do you like music? What styles do you listen to?
  • Have you ever liked two people at the same time?
  • If right now you find a € 500 bill, what would you do?
  • What is your favourite movie?
  • What would a perfect day be like for you?
  • If you could take 3 items to a desert island, what would they be?